rhine series
tunnel plastic bottle washer

Our plastic bottle washers are purpose made machines to suit any size bottle. Machines have a throughput of up to 6000 C.P.H.


Bottle washer in operationWith continuous conveyor operation. A fully Stainless Steel construction, these machines also include large access doors for easy maintenance.



Key Features:

  • Single Ended Machine
  • Variable speed adjustment through inverter.
  • Automatic in-feed and discharge available.
  • Pre-wash section.
  • Heated soak section.
  • Heated wash section.
  • Internal jetting.
  • Re-circulated rinse section.
  • Fresh rinse section.
  • Blow Off section. (Optional)


Washer nozzlesBottle washer


Typical uses:

Re-usable plastic containers in the sorghum, water or beverage