rhine series
tunnel drum washer

Drums loaded onto multiple racking system. Internal washing jets through pneumatic lifting system.

Drum washer


This model washes in excess of 800 drums per hour. drums are loaded into carriers during each index cycle. External washing done through washing manifold system, internal washing done through pneumatically operated jetting system. Safety mechanisms all around the machine ensuring optimum operator safety. All stainless steel construction, robust design and corrosion free.

Key Features:

  • Designed to suit individual needs.
  • Indexed operation.
  • High & low pressure jetting.


Treatments Include:

  • Pre-wash section
  • Heated re-circulated detergent section
  • Internal jetting through Pneumatic lifts
  • Re-circulated rinse section
  • Fresh Rinse Section
  • Blower Section (Optional)